Fomoex Referral Plan Overview

Here are some important things to know about the Fomoex referral plan:

  • It is required to own a mining pack in order to get commissions from any part of the Fomoex compensation plan
  • The stable coin FUSD is used to as the payment currency for commissions
  • There’s a commission booster, which means that commissions speed up the rate towards your max mining production
  • The Fomoex platform is based on the Shanghai time zone

Pack Breakdown

Fomoex Package breakdown

Direct Bonus

Fomoex members receive this particular bonus based on the purchases of members that have registered with their referral link. It’s five percent of the package purchase value and pays out instantly.

Direct Referral Bonus Fomoex

Filecoin Mining Rewards

Fomoex Filecoin mining rewards are between ten percent and sixteen percent every month and are based on 50% of the package value.
Each package’s Max Mining Production is three times the package value. When this threshold is reached, the member will need to buy another package.

Since it pays back more than the original amount, many members will opt to increase the package to increase potential rewards..

Fomoex Filecoin Mining

Unilevel Residual Mining Production

This is based on mining production within the members structure.

Fomoex Unilevel

Fomo Linear

The Fomoex Linear portion is where one line represents the company. Every new member is then placed left, followed by right. Both sides are built company wide and not just by the individual.


  • The member must have a minimum of one package of $100 USDT on their own personal account
  • They must have at least 3 active direct referrals with a minimum of a $100 pack each
  • The number of direct referrals as well as total structural turnover impacts potential earnings and caps
Fomo Linear chart
Fomoex Linear Binary

Leadership Pools

When a member qualifies, they will start receiving a percentage on the entire companies turnover.

To qualify, members will be required to have a total turnover volume utilizing the fifty percent rule. Max turnover on the 1st leg is 50%

Fomoex leadership Pools
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